Love, Joy, Peace...

There are many parts to this proverb, it definitely calls us out as Christians.  It is kind of a blueprint, if you will, of our shortcomings and how to avoid them. The ones that stood out to me the most are:  Paragraph 3 says ''keep him away from strife is an honor for a man but any fool Will quarrel”  being a peacemaker and being with Goodwill is our goal as Christians. We must always pursue peace before strife, destruction and hatred. We all, from time to time, can carry anger in our hearts, but we must find a way to put that at peace so the devil cannot enter and change our path; paragraph 7 says ''a righteous man who walks in his integrity how blessed are his sons after him." Integrity is always doing the right thing even when no one's looking.  None of us are perfect but we must always drive to teach our children to be forthright with themselves, and others to carry the values that the Lord has laid out for us. Paragraph 9 says "who can say I have cleansed my heart I am pure from sin." We have all broken God's commandments, we have all sinned and fell short, but it's realizing these sins and asking for forgiveness, humbling ourselves before God.  That's the difference between believers and non-believers we recognize our sins and we are cleansed from them, but we have to make sure that we learn from our transgressions and become better than we were before. One may think that living a Christian life is always easy. It's not; it's fulfilling and it's wonderful! It gives us hope and happiness, but there's always people that will try to tear you down, but never repay that evil with evil. Fight it with scripture. God is our sword and our shield! 

Dan Bagnole

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